One hour massage

$ 70.00 AUD

Prepare to experience new wonders.

Kahuna massage will relieve stress and fatigue, reconnect you to your physical self, and revive circulation throughout the body.

Kahuna involves long, deep pressure strokes and movements rather than pointed, isolated pressure as in other forms of massage and Kahuna is suitable for all ages, and people in all states of health.


One and a half hour massage

$ 125.00 AUD

This massage offers the bliss of a 1 hour massage with a himalayan back scrub to give you a total relaxed and smoother skin touch.


Himalayan Back Scrub

$ 50.00 AUD

Awaken your senses as skin is smoothed and softened with a unique Back Scrub, using our organic lotions, with special attention given to the back and neck using trigger points and deep tissue massage techniques.


Unlock Your Youth

$ 35.00 AUD

Facial treatment to iron out those wrinkles.

Ageing appearance? Loss of Vitality?

Scientifically advanced yet refreshingly simple Lucy will target the ultimate sources of ageing to diminish the appearance of ageing and to boost vitality levels.

All it takes is a 1/2 hour session,  a block of 3 treatments. 

A block of 3 treatments is $ 105.00 AUD


Facial Package

$ 70.00 AUD

Unwinding and nourishing full facial including head massage for your total relaxation, with music to take you to another place.  

You will be left feeling restored, calm and revitalised.  

The all natural and certified organic products will rejuvenate and melt into your skin.  Your skin will feel fresh, hydrated, repaired and radiant.